Why order Prints directly from your school photographer?

Very best paper quality for a few dollars more.

I know it can be tempting to buy one digital download and send it over to Walmart or Walgreens and pick up in 2 hours. But what is it really costing you? The last time I checked Walgreen's pricing was around $2.99 plus tax for a 5x7, give or take a few cents. I'm sure the quality can be ok but I think most of us would agree it's just that, "ok."

But, what if the print quality could be stunning and even feel amazing in your hand for a few dollars more?

If you order from your photographer, it will be from a professional print lab and the quality will be amazing. Some photographers like myself offer deep matte or e-surface paper. I use Miller's lab which offers premium papers and quality inks with the latest in printing technology to preserve your photographs for generations. Ok, so what is the price difference? Every photographer is different but for my schools the cost would be $8.00 for a 5x7 print. The difference in quality is worth it every time and you will not regret spending a few dollars more.

then why Should I also order the digitals?

Any occasion/year round gift source!

Fine Art School Portraits are classic, timeless, and genuine gifts. I love that they are not specific any theme or season so are always appropriate. And guess what? you are not the only ones who love them! Think of all your family get togethers and gift exchanges. These digitals are on your computer forever which gives great opportunity to use them for Christmas ornament gifts, magnets, Mother's Day album, and grand-parent Brag books that fit easily in a purse. I also love these photo gifts for birthday or party invites (uploaded on a text invite.) My favorite most user friendly source is MPix.com they are professional quality related to Miller's Lab who I mentioned above. There is never any pressure of course to order both prints and digitals but personally I believe you are missing out on a great opportunity to give meaningful gifts at an amazing price to fit all budgets. Here are some of my go to favorites: Photo boxes, ornaments, and mini books!