An Impromptu Backyard Wedding

It was Kate's Birthday and they decided it was the perfect night to say "I do". I admire the beautiful exhale of just saying "Yes!" How romantic to let the night lead and not worry about perfection or preparation and let the night happen as it's supposed to. I love there are no rules here.

Kate and Pete's stories joined into one on top of Lookout mountain in the evening at Pete's family's home. The audience was mostly of their kids in cozy pjs watching with wide eyes and full hearts.

I was truly honored to capture this wedding! This was my first go in the wedding world and it was so much fun! On arrival, we were warmly greeted by the Pete with a kind champagne offer. Kate was amazingly relaxed and gracious enough to give us a tour which allowed us to decide where to have the ceremony. The night was perfect and just became more magical as it went on.

A quiet sunset and they all were family under one roof. A beautiful new normal.