Give yourself permission to do the thing.

Is 40 the new 30 or the new 20 or what do they say now?

Well I'm not sure and does it really matter? I'm 45 and wanted to share what I believe to be the very best thing about this season thus far. There are several amazing surprises that I've loved during my 40's and just to be crystal clear, hormones are not one of them, shocking I know! ha!

On a serious note, I honestly have enjoyed my 40's for many reasons but my favorite thing about this age is I am finally giving myself permission to be still to focus on me and this has allowed my soul to discover passions and creative interests that truly brings me joy. And I'm discovering I'm not the only one.

For some reason, I'm not even sure I've known my passions and interests until now. There is something about being this age that has revealed what I really enjoy and what I actually want to do about it. I've talked with so many women in their 40's and 50's this year who are finally realizing they have a creative side and leaning into it is so exciting but most importantly has been so good for their soul.

The picture of my friend above of my (new) model friend Emily says it all. The short story starts just a few months ago when I was looking for a few models for a brand shoot in Chattanooga, TN. For this specific shoot, I wasn't just looking for young professional models, I was looking for women my age who have lived life a little if you know what I mean. After racking my brain and the internet I started to remember recent conversations with women my age that centered around finding ourselves again in our 40's. The common thread was that we all have passions that haven't been pursued. Why? I mean we can give the easy "I'm busy" answer but I believe it's because of that voice in our heads. We tell ourselves things like "I'm too old" or "no one is going to take me seriously", and "what if I fail?" I've done this numerous times personally after I decided to pursue photography this year.

Yes, it is scary and yes you will have multiple moments when you say "never mind, I'm done, this is stupid." But what if it's not?

My friend Emily above is a prime example of beginning something new and scary in her 40's. When I asked her to model she gave me the "Are you sure? me?"

It's funny how more than not we are the last person that believes we can do it. It's so much easier to believe someone else can do it over ourselves.

I have seen this modeling potential in Emily for 20 plus years but just this year, crazy enough, it is starting to happen for her one step at a time. You probably think well, she's lucky and beautiful, yes she is but she decided to say "yes" and took a chance.

Give yourself permission to say "yes", you will never know unless you do. It might be signing up for that class, investing in a photo session of just yourself, or posting that picture of your personal work on instagram. Everyone woman has their own unique journey. Yours is beautiful and I encourage your to give yourself permission to "do the thing."

The experience of being photographed is truly an amazing gift not only to others but it's a beautiful connection to yourself and your soul. I would love to connect with you and your vision.

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