Quick & Easy Mini Garage Sessions Are Amazing

Ok parents, the pressure is off and you can relax! I absolutely believe that if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get beautiful school portraits of your children this is the quickest and easiest way to do it. Yes, in my opinion, a garage setting is the best location for kids portraits and I will explain as quickly as I can. School portraits are important but they are not always offered in a way that is convenient or relaxing. A school setting can be rigid and hard, especially since most schools only offer them under bright fluorescent lights and expect kids to smile perfectly within 30 seconds. Here is the easy part, you can simply pick out an outfit for you child or children and bring then to my garage. It will be around 5-10 min for each child and 10 minutes for siblings. You can sit comfortably in your car or on my front porch with a coffee and magazine in hand. As a photographer, the last thing I want to do is put more pressure on families while they are trying to be intentional with capturing authentic photos of their children. Fall and Spring are wonderful times to have these portraits made. Children change so much from the beginning of August to May, especially the younger ones.

Best Lighting

A garage is an over hang which creates the most beautiful ambient light at every hour of the day. Try it! Stand about 5 feet inside your garage and face the light. Have someone take a picture of you with their cell phone. You will see how amazing your eyes look!

All to say I love shooting with natural light and believe it creates the most natural and authentic skin tones on children.

Siblings and Uniforms

This is also a wonderful way to get pictures of siblings all together. When I photograph schools I always ask if there are any siblings we could bring into the shot but a lot of times moms are unable to bring baby or toddler or older siblings for various reasons. I encourage sibling photos since these make amazing Christmas cards, ornament gifts, and Mother's Day gifts, etc.

I'm going to briefly touch on school uniform pictures. A lot of Chattanooga schools have uniforms and this is the school picture you receive. Often these are adorable and kids just look so cute in any uniform. But, I will say that if I want to order pictures for my gallery wall or a Christmas Card or gift I would probably not use the School uniform picture if given a choice of another option. Kids are the most fun to photograph! I hope you get a chance to check out my website and please reach out with any questions! If you want to get creative, you can get a black or white background and give it a try with your own camera. I would love to see the results! Reach out to me below or shoot me a message on instagram. @hevphotographie. Chattanooga Fine Art School Photographer with HEV Photographie.

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