4 Quick Reasons!


Your Party People

This is a once in a lifetime Important event where all of your favorite party people are in one place. You have thought and planned out your attire, played a part in each detail, and have been looking forward to this night for months! These party moments deserve to be documented. Trust me, you will not regret having these images.


Intimate Moments

The rehearsal is usually a smaller more intimate affair. There is so much energy and anticipation in the room but it also has a more relaxed vibe for sure. Your photographer can document these Intimate candid reactions from out of town friends arriving to heartfelt speeches.


To have & to hold

This evening is the beginning of your wedding story weekend! You and your fiancé will have and will hold on to these photos forever. These are the ones you will love looking at on anniversaries and 20 years down the road. Personally, these are my favorite pictures to show my kids.


No phones

Believe it or not but when people are aware your photographer is there, the pressure of taking pictures decreases significantly. And that means everyone enjoying the moments and having much more fun! Sure, camera phones are pretty great but I've just witnessed much more connection when there isn't the urgency for guests to snap all the pics.

A Southern Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Heather McClenahan is a wedding photographer for Ashlea & Tyler Snell with Snells Weddings. www.thesnellsweddings.com serving Chattanooga, TN & southeast Brides and Families. It can be so overwhelming when you first get engaged. The choices are endless but that is where a planner and photographer come in and guide you up to your incredible day & beyond.

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