Gym Memberships are "Out" (for me and my dogs anyway)

I can now say that over the last 25 years or so I've tried most workout programs out there. Multiple gyms, personal training, celebrity fitness programs, barre, spenga, body pump, and even yoga studios! I am in no way saying these were the wrong choice, in fact, I enjoyed them for a good while. The main problem with all of these kind of workouts is they turned into what reminded me of what happened when I did the "keto" diet. I did see results and enjoyed it for the most part but after 6 weeks I started to dread it. I became tired of the same foods every single day and I just quit. It just wasn't sustainable.

I have found what is and yes it's yoga!

After one of my best friends had been asking and suggesting this to me for over a year and a half and I finally gave it a 30 day try and I haven't looked back. It's been 3 months now and I cannot wait to see how what a year of this practice will bring for me both mentally and physically (will definitely share my results!)

I'm a photographer in Chattanooga, TN and my office is at home. I use to think I needed to leave to workout so I could socialize/etc. but I realized how much time and effort that took out of my day. There are so many yoga studio choices in Chattanooga, but I have found my quiet living room is what draws me.

Sometimes we can feel stuck and not sure how to start our day because our head is too crowded with the long to do list or we are in a holding pattern waiting for life to start (I've been there and this is normal.) For some reason, yoga is my rescue and really clears my head for a peaceful start to my day (after coffee of course.)

My biggest take away so far... is at the end of the day if all else fails I know I've made by bed and completed my yoga practice and that makes me proud and brings me joy.

I chose "Yoga with Adriene"

First off, we are on a tight budget and this has been something that I can commit to financially since it's FREE!

I first just search her on YouTube but here is the direct link is below.

Ok, now explaining the dog pic ( "Bubba" below.)

Adrienne usually has her dog next to her during yoga and while not planning this my dogs now recognize the music and make their way into my space and sometimes on my yoga mat. At first it was annoying but after I finished the 30 days of "Breath" I started to like them there with me, ha! If you have a dog or cat or guinea pig, etc. just give it a try. I picked Yoga with Adriene since my best friend suggested It was a lovely place to start and she has been practicing it for almost 2 years every day!

The fact that Adriene reminds me of Jennifer Garner is a huge bonus and you will find she's just as sweet, fun & quirky.